Our Co-op

A legacy of integrity and quality

A legacy of integrity
and quality

As a co-op, Squab Producers of California offers the advantages of both a small- and large-scale farming operation. All of our squabs are raised by independent local farmers — but processed using the same advanced equipment and techniques used by much larger food producers.

Independently farmed

65 independent Central Valley farmers/co-op members personally oversee every aspect of Squab production. Our co-op’s farmer-members benefit from the central San Joaquin Valley’s temperate climate, which provides ideal conditions for growing squabs year-round.

Animal health and well-being

Animal health and

All farmer-members must meet our stringent animal treatment and safety standards to maintain membership. All farmer-members are required to maintain a Quality Assurance Plan certified and monitored by the California Department of Food & Agriculture. They must also adhere to strict policies that ensure all birds delivered for processing are all-natural and residue-free.

Food safety

All King Cal squabs are processed in the co-op’s state-of-the-art processing plant in Modesto, California. All equipment and techniques are HACCP-compliant and USDA-inspected. A licensed USDA inspector is on-site daily. We inspect every live bird upon arrival at our processing plant and only accept healthy, properly matured birds. We train plant personnel to recognize and reject any animals that don’t meet our stringent standards.

Our history

California has rightly been called the breadbasket of the world. Much of the food the world eats is produced here. Squab Producers of California has been a proud part of the story of California agriculture since 1943.

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