Superior Processing

As a co-op, Squab Producers of California contains elements of both small- and large-scale farming operations. All of our squabs are raised by independent local farmers — but processed in a state-of-the-art facility akin to those used by much larger-scale food producers.

Air chilled

Most poultry is processed with water, but we use a slower, less common Air Chilling method — because we think it’s better. While it might be slower, Air Chilling helps maintain a product’s true weight and elevates its natural flavor.

Whole Squab, head/feet off (4-pack)

Cryovac packaged

After Air Chilling, each of our squabs is individually Cryovac packaged to ensure freshness, minimize shelf space, and maximize shelf-life.

Inspected for Safety

All of our processing equipment and techniques are HACCP-compliant, and a licensed USDA inspector is on-site daily.

Trained Employees

Squab is processed by co-op employees who have been trained to recognize and reject any animals that don’t meet our standards. Many of them have been with us for decades.


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