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A farmer-owned cooperative

Since 1943, our co-op has proudly farmed squab, an interesting little bird with unique characteristics and an uncommonly good flavor. And while squab might seem unusual to some, we believe our poultry is better at every turn — no matter how you look at it.

Grilled Squab Breast With Toasted Orzo

Our Products

Delicious, nutritious, and completely unlike what most people expect from poultry. See what sets squab apart.

Our Processing

We process our birds differently than most poultry producers. But we stand by our processes, because we believe our way of doing things is best.

Our People

65 independent California farmers personally oversee every aspect of our co-op’s squab production. Learn more about our uncommonly good people.

Our Video

Learn more about the amazing people and unique process that comes together to make our uncommonly good product!


Check out our selection of squab-based recipes that will fit any occasion. Start planning your next culinary adventure here.

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