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Throughout history, squab has been referred to as “the meat of kings” — because it’s not like most other forms of poultry. We offer a range of differently prepared squab that all share the characteristics that have made this bird a popular choice for centuries.

Delicious flavor

Squab is an all-dark-meat bird. It gets its unique color and taste from higher concentrations of myoglobin — the oxygen-storing protein found in most birds’ legs. Unlike most other types of poultry, high levels of myoglobin are present in all parts of squab, which gives it a unique, succulent flavor.


Squab meat is delicious — and nutritious. Compared to a similar “dark meat” bird, it contains more protein, less fat, and fewer calories
Protein Fat Calories
Squab 18g 24g 294
Duck 11g 39g 404

Unique composition

Squab is unusually easy to prepare. Squab fat sits under the skin, but not inside of the meat. This fat renders off during cooking, which allows squab meat to retain more moisture than most other forms of poultry, without becoming too calorically dense.

Squab Farming

Squab has a long, rich tradition as a delicious form of poultry. Learn more about what makes farming these birds a rewarding challenge.


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