History of Squab -John D. Smith


May 5th, 1943. John D. Smith organized members and formed the Squab Producers of California Cooperative.


August 1945. Co-op member Tony Cecillo pictured with the SPOC delivery truck.


March 1946. SPOC original capital stock shares issued to co-op members.


August 1946. Co-op member Herman Arce pictured with a SPOC delivery truck underneath the Golden Gate bridge.


August 1946. The Squab Farm of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bell in Hayward, California.


October 21, 1947. Membership meeting approves SPOC’s first processing plant.


Late 1940s. Early King Cal Squab advertising


September 1949. Captial stock eliminated in favor of revolving fund.


1960. Bird receiving at SPOC’s processing plant.


Early 1960s. King Cal Squab advertising


1961. State Fair Certificate of Quality. Awarded to Squab Producers of California / King Cal Squabs.


June 16, 1964. USDA bans the use of the word “Squab” to describe anything other than squab. The Cornish Game Hen was born.


June 1971. Squab Producers of California moves to a larger processing facility in Hayward, California.


1972. King Cal Squab advertising.


1980. Photos from our Hayward processing plant.


Late 1981. Construction at the new SPOC processing plant in Modesto, California.


1982. Moving day from old plant in Hayward, California to new facility in Modesto.


1982. Grand opening of the new SPOC processing plant in Modesto, California.


1983. Unveiling of new SPOC logo.


1984. SPOC marketing material, showing the farm of one of our farmer members.


1985. Squab Producer of California at the California State Fair.


1988. Farmer members Jack and Heather Gregory featured in a local news article.


Early 1990s. “Squabs are delicious” bumper sticker.


Early 1990s. Expansion in SPOC Modesto, California processing plant.


1993. Commemorative plates celebrating 50th anniversary of SPOC.


2005. SPOC launch first website, Squab.com


2008. Our processing plant in Modesto gets the very first air-chill system in California.


2012. SPOC becomes the first company in California to install an electronic paperless HACCP system.


2012. Farmer members of the SPOC Co-op were presented with the “Pioneer of the Year” Award by the California Poultry Association.


2017. Construction starts on SPOC’s Cooperative Breeder facility.


2017. First breeders arrive in new houses in Cooperative Breeder facility.