Squab Bombs

User-submitted recipe by Tim Beck

The wonderful versatility of Squab. This dish shows how you can dress squab up or down to fit your menu. Squab Bombs are the perfect appetizer for parties or game day.  

Active Time: 30 MIN
Total Time: 60-90 Mins
Serves: 4


How to Make It

Step 1

Pat dry squab breasts.

Coat the skin of the squab with olive oil.

With skin side down, grind pepper and/ or sprinkle seasoning salt on squab meat.

Step 2

Cut Jalapeno peppers in half and remove seeds and stem.

Fill the halved Jalapenos with cream cheese placing them cheese side down in the middle of the
squab breasts.

Fold the two sides of the breast together covering the jalapeno half.

Step 3

Wrap squab with one or two pieces of bacon, covering the skin, tucking the end to keep the bacon in place.

Put about a teaspoon of BBQ sauce on top of the squab bomb.

BBQ Notes:

If using a BBQ, cook with indirect heat. Heat grill to 350 and place squab bombs over the middle burner. (propane) Turn off the middle burner.

If using briquettes, place squab in the middle and briquettes on the sides.

Grill for 20-30 min. or until bacon is medium if you want squab medium-rare or until bacon is crispy if you prefer your squab at medium.

Turning is not needed.

Pellet Smoker Notes:

Set temp to 350. Cook until desired internal temperature. Let it rest for 10mins. Best served medium-rare.

Serve as a meal or cut into bite-size pieces for hors d’oeuvres.

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