Roast Squab with Bacon and Grapes

Wrapping a meaty bird like squab in bacon, then roasting it with fresh table grapes makes for an enticing main course that’s salty, sweet, crispy and juicy all at the same time.

Mandarin Minced Squab

This delicious dish from our friends at the Mandarin Restaurant pairs squab’s unique, succulent flavor with a tangy asian-inspired marinade. Your mouth will ask for more.

Stuffed Squab with Apples

Tired of the same old poultry? Try pairing squab’s dark, flavorful meat with sweet slices of apple. Perfect for entertaining guests with something delicious and out of the ordinary.

Traditional Squab Salad

Topping a fresh salad with succulent squab meat, walnuts, and vinegrette dressing makes for a tasty (and healthy!) meal.